bed bug removal athens al

End Your Itchy, Sleepless Nights

Get the bed bug treatment you need in Athens and Huntsville, AL

If your home is infested with bedbugs, call Tri-City Termite & Pest Control, LLC for the effective bedbug treatment plan you are searching for. We offer a full crack and crevice treatment for all rooms in your home. We'll treat:

  • Furniture
  • Carpeting
  • Bed frames

We also use bedding encasements and mattress covers to protect your home, as well. Then we'll take care of the perimeter of your property to protect your house from future infestations. Contact Tri-City Termite & Pest Control, LLC to schedule bedbug treatment in the Athens and Huntsville, AL area.

We aim to prevent future problems, as well

During your bedbug treatment, we can provide a full fumigation of the attic and crawlspace to get rid of bedbugs completely. Our goal is to kill any living bedbugs while eliminating eggs and preventing future infestations. Our treatment plan includes three separate visits 30 days apart.

Call 256-867-4311 today if you're experiencing bedbug problems in your home.