Attic Under Attack?

Attic Under Attack?

Tri-City Termite & Pest Control will block pests with protective insulation

Pests will do anything to get into your house, whether bugs tear through insulation or small insects slip through gaps within it.

At Tri-City Termite & Pest Control, LLC, we know how to stop them. We'll remove your insulation and replace it with dense cellulose insulation that's treated with an insecticide, so even the most determined insects can't invade your building. Schedule an insulation installation service to seal insects out right away.

Find out what new insulation will do for you

New cellulose insulation with an insecticide will be an effective pest barrier, but it'll do more than obstruct invading pests. As a homeowner, you'll get a handful of other benefits.

Cellulose insulation will:

  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Reduce the transfer of heat in and out of your building
  • Replace ineffective insulation damaged by pests, mold or age

To find out more about cellulose insulation, speak with an expert at Tri-City Termite & Pest Control today.