fungus remediation huntsville al

Who Offers Fungus Remediation in Athens & Huntsville, AL?

Tri-City Termite & Pest Control, LLC can remove the source of the problem

You don’t want fungus eating away at the wood in your home. Tri-City Termite & Pest Control, LLC offers fungus remediation services to remove the problem. We will provide a full inspection of the property and identify the problem areas. The main focus of a fungus treatment is on getting rid of the moisture source. Our services include:

  • Installing a sump pump
  • Installing attic ventilation
  • Installing vapor barriers

Our treatment starts by soda-blasting the area with a mixture of baking soda and a high-pressure wash to remove the fungus. We then apply a Timbor treatment to keep fungus from growing once the moisture source is removed. Our treatment lasts for one year.

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We provide solutions designed to eliminate moisture

When it comes to removing the moisture source, the location of the fungus determines the appropriate treatment. We can install a sump pump in the basement, ventilation in the attic or a vapor barrier in a crawl space. An attic tent vent comes with a lifetime guarantee and is designed to control the temperature and humidity of the space. The vapor barrier is 6 mil sheeting that goes on the ground underneath the crawlspace. It blocks moisture from rising up. We’ll replace the barrier if it gets worn down or torn.

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