We're Tough on Termites

Call an exterminator you can trust to protect your property

Unfortunately, by the time you see termites in your home, they've already done a good deal of damage. At Tri-City Termite & Pest Control, LLC, our termite control services come with a lifetime guarantee. This guarantee is effective on all species of termites and is valid for 15 to 20 years.

When you schedule a termite treatment at your property, you don't want to worry about termites coming back and causing more damage. Call 256-867-4311 today to schedule a free estimate on termite treatment in the Athens or Huntsville, AL area.

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Termite Control in Athens & Huntsville, AL

We offer fast, effective treatment

Our treatment starts with Termidor, a safe and effective chemical that is ingested and shared by termites to eliminate the problem quickly. We will treat:

  • The foundation of your home
  • The perimeter of your home
  • Specific problem areas of your home

It typically takes 90 days for the entire colony to die out after treatment. Termidor works by stopping the termites' reproductive process and their ability to digest wood. Contact Tri-City Termite & Pest Control, LLC to protect your property.